Welcome to the online home of Synapse - Cybernetic Musician.

Humans have changed the world and the environment to suit their needs.
This has happened, most visibly, with computers and silicon chips being a pervasive
(and often invasive) element in today's life.

Synapse exists to bridge the gap between the organic and the synthetic by enslaving the silicon to produce music.

Here you will find all music written by Synapse available for purchase.


License Synapse Music

If you are interested in licensing any music by Synapse for game or movie soundtracks, (or having custom music made for the same purposes), contact us to begin the process.

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Help promote Synapse music! Sign up for our affiliate program by registering and sending us a message letting us know of your wishes to participate. We will generate a special discount code that you give to the people you send to us, and we reward both you AND them for the process. They get an instant discount on Synapse music, and YOU get one step closer to earning free music! When THEY buy a track, YOU get a track of your choice FREE!